End-of-Life for Matlab old license servers: fs6 and service (Jan 2013)

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Please note that the license servers on fs6 (for research) and on service (for classroom use) are going to retire soon. Please point your software to the following aliases: matlabr-lm (for research) and matlabt-lm (for teaching). For upgrading, installing and license setup please follow the instructions included with the packages at EECE download page.
You can either run matlab on command line: matlab -c <license server> e.g.
matlab -c 1711@matlabr-lm

or modify the license.dat file in your matlab install directory. e.g.:

> cat /opt/Matlab_R2008b/licenses/network.lic

SERVER fs6.ece.ubc.ca 80b33eaa 1711

And replace fs6 with matlabr-lm

If you don't have write access to matlab installation folder, and your machine was installed by ECE IT (windows 7 or Debian linux) please send a request for help to help@ece.ubc.ca with the hostname of your machine and its operating system and its location.