File Migration (2021)

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ECE File Migration (2021)

Throughout April, May, and June 2021, ECE IT is replacing our file server, which is used to store the home directories of ECE accounts as well as some other files. Our goal is to retire the old file server ("NetApp") with a new one ("Isilon"). This is a follow-up to an announcement that was made previously,

We will contact the head of each research group to schedule a cutover time. Files will become read-only during the cutover, which may take minutes to hours, depending on how much data is stored by your research group. Following the cutover, NFS clients will need to remount the file share, likely requiring a reboot, in practice. Any running processes on the ssh-linux servers may be forcibly terminated during your cutover period.

If you see that your files are still read-only after the cutover period, try giving your computer a reboot, please submit a ticket,

Thank you for your understanding.