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Who are we?

The following table enumerates the members of the departmental staff responsible for day-to-day Information Technology operations.

Name Title Telephone Email Office
Dumont, Chris Engineering Technician 604.822.8690 chrisd MCLD 113
Filipozzi, Luca Director of Operations 604.822.3976 lucaf KAIS 5500
Madore, Ken Engineering Technician 604.822.8690 kenm MCLD 113
Poon, Derek Applications Developer 604.827.4599 derekp KAIS 4113
Ross, Rob Senior Systems Analyst 604.822.4241 robr KAIS 4101
Vlassov, Andrey Systems Analyst 604.822.8768 andreyv KAIS 3101

Please append to the above email addresses.

How can we be reached?

By Email

While you can email each of us independently, we prefer problems to be reported to our request tracking system (please see How To Report A Problem). This system alerts all members of the IT staff responsible for day to day operation, so the chances of getting your problem resolved quickly are maximized when using the trouble ticket system.

By Phone

Each of us can be reached via the numbers listed above. However, we are often away from our desk helping users. Your best choice for reaching us is email. If you are going to phone us, please try our general number, first.

By Fax

Facsimiles for ECE IT Services can be sent to the primary ECE facsimile number: 604.822.5949

When can we be reached?

Analysts are available during standard UBC office hours, M-F 0800h-1600h.

Technicians are available M-F 0700h-1500h.

No scheduled evening nor weekend coverage is provided, although we do check our email from home so please report problems as soon as possible.