How To Obtain A Network Connection

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You can connect your computer to the network using an Ethernet or wireless link.

Ethernet Link

If you work in an ECE office or lab, please register your computer with us. You will then be able to connect your device directly to the ECE network using an Ethernet cable.

Please submit a service request (see How To Report A Problem) containing the following information:

  • Supervisor's Name: [SUPERVISOR'S NAME]
  • Your Name: [FULL NAME]
  • ECE Account ID: [ACCOUNT ID]
  • Building and Room: [BUILDING NAME AND ROOM NUMBER]
  • Wall Jack's CCT Number: [CCT NUMBER]
  • Computer's MAC Address: [MAC ADDRESS]
  • Computer's ECE asset tag: [ECE ASSET TAG NUMBER]
  • Prefered Hostname: [HOSTNAME]
  • Machine Type: [DESKTOP / LAPTOP / PRINTER / OTHER]
  • Expected Termination Date (if applicable): [YYYY-MM]

MAC addresses (6 pairs of hexadecimal digits of the form xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx or xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) can be found via one of the commands listed below (in windows run cmd and give the command in the command window):

  • Windows 2000/XP/7/8: ipconfig /all
  • Linux, Mac OS X: /sbin/ifconfig -a

Wireless Link

Alternatively, you can connect to the UBC wireless network. The wireless network is managed by UBC IT, so please contact them if you need assistance.

When connected wirelessly, your computer will be outside the ECE network. Therefore, ECE-only services, such as our intranet site, will not be available to you unless you use a VPN.