How To Publish Personal Web Content

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Create the following directory tree in your home directory:

Directory Description Command To Change Permission
etc/ your etc directory chmod o+x etc/
etc/www/ your document root chmod o+x etc/www/
etc/www/index.html your public home page chmod o+r etc/www/index.html

Ensure that ~/, ~/etc/, ~/etc/www/, and all subdirectories of ~/etc/www are world executable and that all files in ~/etc/www/ and below are world readable. See the above table for the commands to use to change the permissions. You may wish to read How To Secure Your Home Directory.

Populate your ~/etc/www/ directory with the web content that you wish to publish to the web. The file served up the Apache web server as your personal web site's home page is ~/etc/www/index.html.

You can access your personal web site using the following url:<your username>

For example, if your username is janedoe, then your personal web site could be accessed using:

You may be interested in reading How To Password Protect Personal Web Content.