How To Report A Problem

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Before Contacting Us

Please try using the information contained on the pages of this website to solve your problem before sending your request.

How To Report A Problem

To report a problem or to request service from departmental IT staff, please send an email to In the subject line of the email, briefly describe the type of problem (e.g.: "can't change password"). In the body of the email, list as many details as possible

You will receive an automated reply from the trouble ticket system shortly after you report your problem or request. Save this email because it will contain an automatically assigned ticket identification number. The departmental IT staff will be notified of the new ticket and one of us will respond to you.

Details To Include

When you report problems, include this information in the body of the email:

  • Login name: [LOGIN_NAME] ([AFFILIATION])
  • Supervisor: [FULL_NAME]
  • Computer: [NAME] [OS]
  • Problem description: [DESCRIPTION]
  • Error message: [ERROR_MESSAGE]
  • Note: [NOTE]


Example 1:

  • Subject: Can not access drive Z:
  • Login name: johnm (undergrad)
  • Supervisor: Dr. Paul Horowitz
  • Computer: Burnaby Win7
  • Location: MCLD LAB 358
  • Problem description: Can not access drive Z:
  • Error message: Can not connect to server

Example 2:

  • Subject: Can not install PDF995 software
  • Login name: johnm (grad)
  • Supervisor: Dr. Paul Horowitz
  • Computer: stellar Win7
  • Location: CISCR LAB 388
  • Problem description: Can not install PDF955 (free software)
  • Error message: You do not have administrator access
  • Note: Software can be downloaded from