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The ICICS Access Control Management System (ACMS) is used to manage access into several buildings. The ACMS grants access to Users based on the Roles that have been assigned to them. Ultimately, whether you are able to get through a door depends on whether the access control system (the actual electronics controlling the doors) thinks your FOB should be granted access. Managing access lists on a fob by fob and on a door by door basis is untenable, so we have developed a tool to help us manage access to our buildings from a more useful, abstracted perspective:

  • Access Controlled Doors (ACDs) are doors equipped with card readers and electrified door hardware.
    • ownership: ACDs are owned by Buildings.
    • forward relationship: ACDs control access into one or more Zones.
  • Zones are logical representations of areas in a building that are accessible via one or more ACDs.
    • ownership: Zones are owned by Organisational Units.
    • reverse relationship: Zones can be accessed through one or more ACDs.
    • forward relationship: Zones are associated to one or more Roles.
  • Roles are logical representations of a User's relationship with an Organisational Unit.
    • ownership: Roles are owned by Organisational Units.
    • reverse relationship: Roles grant access to one or more Zones.
    • forward relationship: Roles are assigned to Users.
  • Users are people like you!
    • ownership: system
    • reverse relationship: Users have one or more Roles assigned to them.
    • forward relationship: Users have one FOB issued to them.
  • FOBs are the access control tokens issued to Users (either a card or a fob).
    • ownership: system
    • reverse relationship: FOBs are owned by zero (not issued or lost) or one User (issued).

By walking the reverse relationships from FOBs to ACDs, we are able to provide the access control system with access lists detailing which FOBs should be granted access through which doors.

At this point, you are probably asking, "Why tell me all this?" Primarily so that we can more easily explain the three steps involved in your gaining physical access to a door.

Specific Instructions

Get an User Profile

  • If you are a UBC Student (i.e., you have a UBC Student Number), then the system already knows about you. Go to the next step.
  • If you are a UBC Faculty or Staff member or a Registered Guest (e.g., Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student), then a User profile should have been created in the ACMS by your primary organisational unit when a UBC Human Resources Appointment Form was completed. Go to the next step.

Get an Access Token

  • Please visit ECE Stores in MCLD 112B to pick up your FOB.
  • If you are a UBC Student, please bring your UBC Student Card.
  • For all others, please bring government-issued photographic identification (e.g., Passport or Driver's License).
  • In all cases, a CAD $20.00 deposit is required. If/when you return your FOB, your deposit will be returned.
  • If you are told that your User profile does not exist,
    • and your primary organisational unit is ECE, then please email requesting assistance.
    • and your primary organisational unit is *not* ECE, then please visit the administration office of that organisation.

Get Roles Assigned