Keys and Keyless Entry

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Access to ECE buildings, labs, and other facilities is controlled with electronic, and in some cases, physical door locks. This document describes how to obtain entry to facilities managed by the ECE Department in the following buildings:

Please note that some facilities within those buildings are managed by other departments, such as Computer Science. Please follow those departments' procedures to obtain entry to non-ECE facilities.

Access Tokens

To identify yourself to electronic card readers, you need to present an access token: either a UBCcard that has an iClass number printed on the reverse or a dedicated iClass key fob. UBCcards are issued by the UBC Carding Office; fobs are issued by the department.

iClass-enabled UBCcard
iClass key fob

Students who have an iClass-enabled UBCcard should use it as their access token. Persons who do not have a UBCcard (such as postdocs, visitors, and students with older ID cards) should obtain a dedicated fob. Faculty and staff may elect to use either one (the UBCcard is convenient, but the fob may be more secure if it is lost).

To obtain a fob, please visit ECE Stores in MCLD 112B with your UBC or government-issued photographic identification (e.g., passport or driver's license). A cash deposit of $20.00 is required, to be refunded when you return your fob.

ECE Students

If you are a UBC Student taking ECE courses, then access to ECE-controlled space will be assigned to you automatically based on information from the Student Information System. These role assignments are updated nightly so it may take up to one business day for a course add/drop to be reflected in the system. You will need to request access only if there is a problem with the automatic role assignment.

Requesting Access

For faculty, staff, postdocs, and visitors, access to facilities is granted by request. To file a request, e-mail with as much of the following information as you can provide:

  • Your Name: [FULL NAME]
  • Your Student or Employee Number (if applicable): [ID NUMBER]
  • Name of Supervisor or Granting Authority: [SUPERVISOR'S NAME]
  • Your Roles to Justify Access: [ROLES]
  • Buildings and Rooms to Access: [BUILDING NAME AND ROOM NUMBER]
  • Expected Termination Date (if applicable): [YYYY-MM]
Physical key

We will verify your eligibility and notify you when your request is approved. If necessary, we will authorize you to pick up physical keys from the UBC Key Desk, which is located by the Bookstore at 110-6200 University Blvd.