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| Image Processing Toolbox
| Image Processing Toolbox
| Included
| Included
| X
| Included
| Instrument Control Toolbox  
| Instrument Control Toolbox  

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The department has two licenses of MATLAB: one for Research use and one for Classroom use. The Research License can be installed on any department Linux or Windows workstation. The Classroom License may be installed only on PCs used for undergraduate instruction.

"Included" indicates product is included in the given license.

"X" indicates product is not included in the given license.
As of 2012b:

Toolbox Research License Classroom License
Communications Blockset (Trans.)(1) Included Included
Communications System Toolbox Included Included
Control System Toolbox Included Included
DSP System Toolbox Included Included
Data Acquisition Toolbox Included Included
Database Toolbox Included X
Frequency Domain (Discontinued) Included X
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Included X
Gauges Blockset Included Included
Global Optimization Toolbox Included X
Image Processing Toolbox Included Included
Instrument Control Toolbox Included Included
LMI Control Toolbox (Trans.)(2) Included Included
MATLAB Coder Included Included
MATLAB C/C++ Graphics Library (3) Included X
MATLAB C/C++ Math Library (3) Included X
MATLAB Compiler Included X
Mapping Toolbox Included X
MU-Analysis and Synthesis Tlbx (2) Included Included
Neural Network Tlbx Included X
Optimization Tlbx Included X
Parallel Computing Toolbox Included X
Partial Differential Equations Included X
Robust Control Tlbx Included X
Signal Processing Tlbx Included Included
SimPowerSystems Included X
Simscape Included X
Simulink Included Included
Simulink 3D Animation Included Included
Simulink Coder Included Included
Simulink Control Design Included Included
Statistics Tlbx Included Included
Symbolic Math Tlbx Included Included
System Identification Tlbx Included X
Wavelet Tlbx Included Included
xPC Target Included Included

(1) As of R2011a, Communications Blockset has been merged into Communications System Toolbox
(2) As of R14SP1, LMI Control Toolbox and MU-Analysis and Synthesis have been merged into Robust Control Toolbox.
(3) As of R13, MATLAB® C/C++ Graphics and Math Library have been merged into MATLAB Compiler.