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Broadcast storm (Apr 24, 2013)
An attempt to reconfigure a network switch triggered a broadcast storm, lasting approximately from 12:23 to 12:34, effectively preventing the flow of all traffic on the entire ECE network. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Spam/phishing/mail delivery problems (Apr 15, 2013)
One ECE user's account was compromised after divulging his/her password in a phishing attack, and was used to send spam. As a result of this incident, mail from ECE is currently being rejected by some e-mail providers, including GMail, Hotmail, and Comcast.
DNS Failure (Apr 6, 2013)
Due to a server configuration error, ECE DNS servers were declining to resolve queries for hostnames other than * The situation started around midnight, and was corrected at 14:10.
End-of-Life for Matlab old license servers: fs6 and service (Jan 2013)
Please note that the license servers on fs6 (for research) and on service (for classroom use) are going to retire soon. Please point your software to the following aliases: matlabr-lm (for research) and matlabt-lm (for teaching).