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Mail and some network access delayed or failed (Oct 19,2012)
This morning you may experience delays in accessing your email or fail to reach the mail server and/or other network services. We believe this is due to DNS servers overloading and we are adding more resources to remedy the problem. We appreciate your patience.
Windows workstations in the UBC_ECE rejecting logons (Sep 10, 2012)
A number of Windows workstations in the UBC_ECE domain (such as the workstations in undergraduate computer labs) are rejecting logons with the message, "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request." Today only, you may need to reboot the workstation to clear this error.
Kaiser Server Room and Network Failure (Aug 28, 2012)
At 16:11, the Kaiser server room lost power due to a UPS failure. The phone and data networks for the Kaiser building, as well as some other services, were unavailable until 17:20. All services should be restored by now.
Sporadic Problems With DNS and Other Services (Aug 23-24, 2012)
DNS lookups were failing sporadically, leading to transient failures in many other services, including: authentication, e-mail, NFS, and software license servers. That problem has now been resolved. However, mail from the ECE mail server to Yahoo e-mail addresses will likely be blocked for the next two days.
MacLeod Server Room Failure (Aug 7, 2012)
A large number of services were down due to an air conditioner failure in ECE's MacLeod server room. The air conditioner has been repaired, and all services should be running again.