Recommended Workstation Hardware

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The recommended configuration for workstations is as follows.

Category Description
Case vendor's standard case
Motherboard ASUS or Abit (with no onboard video or Ethernet or sound)
Processor Intel Pentium4
RAM minimum 256MB non-ECC non-registered
Video card any nVidia GeForce card (see Notes)
Ethernet card any Intel Pro/100 Desktop Adapter (see Notes)
Sound card Creative SoundBlaster Audigy (see Notes)
Floppy drive 1.44MB 3.5"
Hard drive Western Digital 40GB/9ms/8MB (WD400JB)
Keyboard Fujitsu 8729
Mouse Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical (see Notes)
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Home (see Notes)
Monitor ViewSonic 17" CRT

The IT Support Group will install, at no charge, the departmental Windows and Linux images on workstations that match these specifications. Work required to install your workstation beyond the deployment of the standard departmental image may be charged at standard shop rates, pending a decision by the Department Head regarding charge-backs.

Additional hardware, such as DVD drives and Firewire cards, can be added. However, the departmental Windows and Linux images are not preconfigured to support these.

Important Notes

  1. We suggest that you purchase an initial license of a Microsoft operating system. The departmental Microsoft Campus Agreement allows us to upgrade your operating system to Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional, but you need to have purchased at least Windows XP Home with your system, originally.
  2. We suggest that you purchase the following hardware if you wish to avoid support charges for image installation. The departmental Windows and Linux images are pre-configured for this general set of hardware. If you purchase alternate hardware, our image will not work. Also, when we push software updates, our updates may not work on your non-standard workstation.
  • any nVidia GeForce-2 (or better) based video card
  • any Intel Pro/100 Desktop Adapter Ethernet card
  • any EMU101K-compabile sound card (Creative SoundBlaster Audigy)
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical mouse