SSH server upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04

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The ssh-linux servers ssh-linux4, ssh-linux5, ssh-linux7, and ssh-linux8, which are running Debian 6, are scheduled to be replaced.

Notable changes

  • The new server pool is called
  • Operating system is Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Debian 6.
  • Expanded list of installed software packages. (If any Ubuntu package that you want to use is not installed, please file a request.)
  • MATLAB version is R2014a; versions R2008b and R2013b have been dropped.
  • Hosted on virtual servers in the University Data Centre for better performance and reliability.

Upgrade plan

  1. As of now, you can start using the new servers by using as the server hostname (instead of or
  2. As part of the ECE Storage Migration, all ssh-linux servers (both Debian and Ubuntu) will be rebooted the night of August 22. After the reboot, ssh-linux will point to the new Ubuntu servers. You will still be able to connect to ssh-linux4, ssh-linux5, ssh-linux7, or ssh-linux8 explicitly.
  3. In a few months, we will shut down the old servers completely.