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The following packages are available for installation on departmental machines. Please email if you would like one or more of these installed on your workstation.

Package Windows Solaris Linux Notes
Maplesoft Maple Available Available Available
Mathworks MATLAB Available Available Available See List of Available MATLAB Toolboxes
Microsoft Office Available N/A N/A
Microsoft Project Available N/A N/A
Microsoft Publisher Available N/A N/A
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 & .NET Available N/A N/A
Microsoft Visio Available N/A N/A
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Pro Available N/A N/A You must purchase an operating system license for your workstation prior to upgrading the operating system using the departmental Microsoft Campus Agreement.
National Instruments LabView Available N/A Available
X-Win32 X-Server Available N/A N/A

This list is under construction and is intended to clarify what software is available and to whom.