ECE website outage (Nov 21, 2016)

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Multiple ECE websites hosted on the F5 load balancer (including and went offline at 16:19. Service was restored at 18:15. The outage was caused by a staff member who had dislodged a power cable to a network switch in ICCS X220.

Immediately after resolving the issue, we decided to simplify the network by eliminating the switch altogether.

Specifically, the following websites were affected:

  • Departmental sites: www, intranet, help, courses, id, download, groupware
  • Research group sites: adaptive, bisicl, ctg, feel, mm, intranet.rcl, rsl, www.poewiki, intranet.salt, netsyslab, winmos
  • ICICS sites:,

During the course of troubleshooting, some CS servers on the load balancer would also have experienced momentary disruptions, totalling perhaps 3 minutes.