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What Is IMAPS ?

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is the protocol used by clients to retrieve mail from servers. Mail is stored on the server and synchronised to the client. This means that a user can use a variety of clients from a variety of locations and always have a consistent view of their mail folders.

IMAP servers require clients to authenticate with a username and password. Unfortunately, IMAP is not a secure protocol, so the username and password are transmitted in the clear.

IMAPS is IMAP over Secure Sockets Layer. This provides an encrypted connection for the Internet Message Access Protocol. More importantly, it provides an encrypted connection over which the username and password may be transmitted for authentication purposes.

The departmental mail server provides IMAPS access both internally and extrernally. Unencrypted IMAP access is not provided.

How To Configure Your Client

Once you set up your account to, you need to configure your preferred client to use IMAPS. The required settings are:

Setting Value
Protocol / Server type IMAP
Email address
Server hostname
SSL/TLS encryption SSL
Port 993
Authentication type Password (Secure authentication = No)
Username username