Lost outbound messages from webmail (May 15-16, 2019)

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On May 15 at 11 am, a new ECE webmail server was put into service. Unfortunately, a network misconfiguration caused the server to appear to reside outside the ECE network. Spam-mitigation rules then dropped and discarded all messages sent from webmail, since they claimed to be coming from an ECE server outside the ECE network.

While the network misconfiguration is being investigated, we have temporary suppressed the spam-mitigation rule that is dropping those messages. That change was implemented May 16 at 4 pm.

The 55 users who sent messages using webmail during the period from May 15 11am to May 16 4pm are being notified individually.

We are also aware that ECE webmail has some quirks in its display, and will be addressing them shortly.