Replacement of McAfee Encryption Management Service

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Until recently, UBCIT has been using the McAfee Encryption Management Service to help keep track of the keys used to encrypt the storage devices of many computers at ECE running Windows. UBCIT has retired this service and is now using new tools for key management. In some cases, implementation of the change will require IT staff to briefly access your computer and make some changes to its configuration. IT staff will be contacting affected users to arrange a convenient time for this. As always,

  • Any e-mail announcement regarding your ECE account should cross-reference a website with * in the URL. You should be suspicious of any message that does not.
  • Never reveal your password to any person. IT Services staff will never ask you for your password.
  • All legitimate ECE services will use encrypted connections for logging in. (HTTPS, SSH, and IMAPS are examples of secure protocols.) Any service that asks you to enter your ECE password over an unencrypted HTTP connection or to send your password by e-mail is fraudulent.
  • If in doubt about a suspicious message purporting to be from UBC or ECE IT Services, we encourage you to ask us.