Wireless Service Upgrade at Kaiser and Macleod Buildings (May 6,2014)

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Dear ECE Faculty and Staff,

Over the last 8 weeks, the UBC IT Network Services has completed a wireless upgrade initiative in the Macleod and Fred Kaiser Buildings. This initiative addresses the aging hardware and significant wireless service gaps in the two buildings.

The work involved a complete replacement of existing wireless access points with new 802.11ac units. In addition, new access points were added to all areas of all floors of both buildings. With this upgrade, both Macleod and Kaiser should now have seamless wireless service coverage at a standard minimum signal level to serve all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, WiTel phones and more.

As a next step, the Network team will continue an assessment on rogue wireless devices. They are planning to work with users to identify if changes are required or if the wireless upgrade has reduced/eliminated the need of these devices.

If you have any questions or concerns about this work or any wireless service feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@ece.ubc.ca.