Email Forwarding

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Suppose that you use another email account as your primary account and that you would like all your ECE email to be delivered there.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • with directives in .forward files or
  • with directives in .procmailrc files.

Please read How Received Email Is Processed to understand the difference between using .forward and .procmailrc.

Take care not to create a mail forwarding loop. If your other account is also configured to forward mail to your ECE account, the mail servers will keep forwarding messages to each other forever!

Using .forward To Forward Email

Create a plain text file in your home directory named .forward containing just the address(es) that you want to forward mail to. If there are multiple destinations, put them on separate lines. For example:

To keep a copy in your ECE account while also forwarding the mail, include a line with your username preceded by a backslash:


Using .procmailrc To Forward Email

Include the following rule in your .procmailrc file: