How To Configure Apple Mail

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These instructions are for Apple Mail 2.1.2, the version included with Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger"). Before performing the steps below, ensure that your account has been configured to use Maildir.

The New Account Wizard

To enter the New Account Wizard, select the Mail > Preferences menu item, select the Accounts pane, then click the + button. (The first time you launch Mail, you will enter the New Account Wizard automatically.)

Select IMAP for the Account Type. The Account Description can be anything you want. Also enter your real name and your e-mail address (which is

Applemail tiger wiz geninfo.png

The Incoming Mail Server is Enter the username and password of your ECE account, and click Continue. It will try to connect to the IMAP server, then fail after a few seconds. This is normal, since the ECE server requires SSL, which you have not configured yet.

Applemail tiger wiz incoming.png

Click Continue again, at which point it asks you about using SSL for incoming mail. (Had the application been properly designed, it would have asked before trying and failing to connect without SSL.)

Applemail tiger wiz incomingsec.png

Configure the Outgoing Mail Server as Tick Use Authentication, and enter your ECE username and password. Again, click Continue, wait for it to fail, then click Continue again.

Applemail tiger wiz outgoing.png

To finish the configuration, select SSL for outgoing mail.

Applemail tiger wiz outgoingsec.png

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