How To Configure Eudora

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Only the version 5.2.1 of Eudora supports the latest Secure Socket Layer implementations used by our mail server. You must upgrade to 5.2.1 or newer.

Using Eudora with SMTPS and IMAPS

From the Tools menu, choose Personalities. Right click on the Person/Account you wish to configure; choose Properties.

Eudora persona.png

From the Generic Properties tab, ensure that:

  • SMTP Server is set to
  • Authentication allowed is ticked
  • Secure Sockets when Sending is set to Required, STARTTLS or Required, Alternate Port

Eudora account settings1.png

From the Incoming Mail tab, ensure that:

  • Server is set to
  • Configuration is set to IMAP
  • Secure Sockets when Receiving is set to Required, Alternate Port

Eudora account settings2.png

Eudora (as of version 7.1) does not recognize the certificate authority that issued the SSL certificates for and Therefore, the first time you send or receive mail, you will encounter a "Certificate Error: Cert Chain not trusted" dialog. Answer "Yes" to trust the certificate.

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