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These instructions are for
These instructions are for
[http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/ Mozilla Thunderbird] 2.0.
[http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/ Mozilla Thunderbird] 2.0.
Before performing the steps below, ensure that your account has been
configured to use [[Mbox to Maildir Conversion|Maildir]].
==The New Account Wizard==
==The New Account Wizard==

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These instructions are for Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.

The New Account Wizard

To enter the New Account Wizard, use the Tools menu to select Account Settings.... Click the Add Account... button. (The first time you launch Thunderbird, you will enter the New Account Wizard automatically.)

Thunderbird wiz newacct.png

Enter your real name and your e-mail address (which is username@ece.ubc.ca).

Thunderbird wiz identity.png

Then instruct Thunderbird to use the ECE mail servers, imap.ece.ubc.ca and mail.ece.ubc.ca.

Thunderbird wiz server.png

Enter your username twice.

Thunderbird wiz usernames.png

Give a name under which to save the configuration. You can call it whatever you wish; the suggested default works.

Thunderbird wiz acctname.png

More Configuration Steps

Since the New Account Wizard does not prompt you for the required encryption settings, the first attempt to connect to the server will fail. You will need to enter these settings manually through the Account Settings screen (which you can bring up using Tools > Account Settings...).

Under Server Settings, choose SSL. This will automatically change the port number to 993.

Thunderbird settings server.png

Under Outgoing Server (SMTP), select the mail.ece.ubc.ca server and click Edit.... In the dialog, select TLS and change the port to 587.

Thunderbird settings smtp.png

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