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their needs.
their needs.
==Enable Maildir For Your Account==
'''The instructions below assume that your account is configured to use Maildir
as the mail storage format.'''  Accounts created since 2008 already use Maildir
by default.  If you have an account created in 2007 or earlier, or if you are
unsure whether you are using Maildir, please refer to [[Mbox to Maildir Conversion|Maildir Conversion]].
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Exception for Outlook Express: Use SSL on port 465 instead of TLS on port 587.
[[How To Configure Your Email Client|Specific instructions]] for configuring common email
[[How To Configure Your Email Client|Specific instructions]] for configuring common email

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ECE accounts come with the ability to send and receive e-mail. Your e-mail address is username@ece.ubc.ca. (If you need a departmental account, please see How To Get An Account.)

Although the department supports several methods for sending and receiving e-mail, most users will find that the recommendations below will suit their needs.


Access your mail using a web browser through https://webmail.ece.ubc.ca/.

If you receive an SMTP:535 5.7.0 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure when attempting to send messages, please reset your ECE account password at https://id.ece.ubc.ca

Configure Your Email Client

Receive Mail Via IMAPS

Setting Value
Protocol / Server type IMAP
Email address username@ece.ubc.ca
Server hostname imap.ece.ubc.ca
SSL/TLS encryption SSL
Port 993
Authentication type Password (Secure authentication = No)
Username username

Send Mail Via SMTP

Setting Value
Protocol / Server type SMTP
Server hostname mail.ece.ubc.ca
SSL/TLS encryption TLS (Note: Thunderbird use STARTTLS)
Port 587
Server requires authentication Yes
Authentication type Plain (Secure authentication = No)
Username username

Specific instructions for configuring common email clients are also available.

See Also